Guest: A Fox’s Memoir

She should have listened. She should have taken the warnings to heart.

A woman sits lazily in a pile of pillows that envelop her body, her clothes draped around her as if they can barely grasp her figure. She is preoccupied; lost in thought, she tries and fails to remember her given name. For so long she has been called dangerous, full of madness, she took the word itself as her name: Kyouki.

It wasn’t always like this. Oh, how glorious the days when her sisters would tussle and play under the willow tree. How she longed for the soft steps of her grandmother on the bamboo floors. Her heart ached to hear her mother’s soothing yet firm voice chiding and warning, yearned for the fights with her cousins over silly things.

Fate is a cruel mistress.


She should have listened. She should have taken the warnings to heart. See him no more, her mother scolded, his presence raises my hackles. Clearly her mother knew nothing of love! She was just jealous; embittered by her own betrayal in her youth. Hikari (was that my name? I don’t know) knew she had never felt this way before; her mother didn’t understand. In secret she would sneak out to meet him. Baring herself to him, they had a moment indescribable.

But this night he… smelled different. Was that…?

Ha, of course not! No, of course not…

Once again, she bared herself to him. Once again, he took delight in her.

But tonight, was it her imagination? He seemed stiff, his movements too careful, his eyes too dark. She reached up to cradle his face; he flinched. A question passes on her face. He pulls away for a moment then

suddenly a searing pain across her chest. She only moved by instinct, triggered by his answer – cold, brutal eyes looked back at her.

Izanami (was that my name? I don’t remember) didn’t understand, only her body knew something was wrong.


She glanced to the west – was it almost dawn? No, the sun rises in the east…

She stumbles, then realizes she has an ugly gash. The scent of blood fills her nostrils and panic begins to grip her.

Then a blur from him. He actually means to kill me?

Terror strikes her before he. As she throws up her arms in defense, her spirit releases her well of magic all at once: an explosion of fire erupts from her as hot as the passion she once had for him. Her sundered love turns him to ash at once. She doesn’t see him leave by the wind.

She doesn’t notice that her body moves seemingly on its own. All she wants is to be at home. She wants her mother, her grandmother. She wants her bed, her pillows. She wants this nightmare behind her. She barely notices when she crumples to the ground.


Screaming catches her attention. She looks up; she stands in front of the courtyard of her home. Someone has set the house on fire. She sees her sisters torn to shreds on the ground before her, the pool under the willow crimson with their blood. Her vision is turning black. Another scream; her eyes fall upon two people on the porch. One stands above the other, a flash of light, then red. It registers that her mother too has been slaughtered.

Blackness swallows her.

So long ago…

So long ago, the nightmare seems so distant.

So much pain, so much agony. Kyouki touches the only scar to never have healed properly – the jagged bolt that runs from the middle of her chest across her ribs and down her side.

She turns her attention to the field below her. A group of soldiers has gathered to train. One among them stands out: a brilliant man whose azure scales glint in the sun. His moves are almost like a dangerous dance, a romantic tango of blades. Kyouki knows this one has been gawking at her when he thinks she isn’t looking. Adorable, really.

She wonders how long he can remain stoic in front of her. She wonders if he will notice his missing piece of gear. She wonders.

He notices her watching and bows to her. Honestly, too adorable.

The Dark Divine

He was only a young child when he found out about his magic. He would read books and attempt to memorize spells to show off to his twin sister. One day he found a book that he read as being able to make a friend to play with. So he prepares the Ritual for over a month, slowly adding to it to gain more power. Then when it is finished he brings in his sister to show her their new friend. He casts the spell and out of a portal of black infinite steps what looks like a divine angel. Who takes the boys magic and moved it into his sister, then strikes the boy down. The being looks at the fear streaked across the girls face and says, I have given you what you have wished for in your heart, magic. But in exchange I took your brothers life. Equal exchange for power, you can never just take. If you wish to take your anger out on me and my kind, get stronger and come to the divine plane where we angels reside. He then walks into the portal disappearing, and re-emerging from it in hell. The demon smiled a twisted grin as he now had his weapon to fight the light side.


In an alternate timeline at this very moment, there lives a world that had advances generations in technology in only a few years. Every person is now installed with hardware and implants to make life easier and to bring the world closer together. A certain program was released last year and it was called Techno-Warrior. This program was in a sense a game; you had the ability to create an avatar and choose a style to fight in and a dew other abilities as well. To raise your level you have to fight other Avatars and win. This had become so integrated into the world that it became the main, if not the only, way to win argument, get a good deal in business or the world, and it was the new marker to a social status. The main character Valarie is a 20-something ‘Pro Techno-Warrior’. She goes to tournaments and lives off the winnings with her wife Kyoki. She has become so prominent in the Arena that she is even called to assist with a few government issues. One day she wakes up to find her account has been hacked, deleted, and ripped from the net. She now is on suspension from her Government jobs and any other jobs she had in her city until she is able to make a new Avatar and go back to her prior rankings. Will she make it in time before money becomes strapped? Or will she need to find a new line of work?


In the future where technology is so integrated into human life that it is built into every person, there is a man in a lone skyscraper in the center of the world’s most prominent city. The front floor to his building is always open and there are signs for curious goers to go to the top floor for a test and a prize to the winner. Many go of course, they believe the prize to be theirs because obviously they deserve it. He greets each person with respect and hospitality and guides them past the past behind him into a room. This room is bare except for a single pedestal; and on this pedestal is a sign that states that if you push this button you will gain enough wealth to last for the rest of your life, but someone one the planet will die. What no one but the man knows is that the button kills the one who presses it. He does this test to see who in Humanity is worthy of living in the world. This test cuts out the greed and rewards the ethical. If you go into this room and do not press the button, you are granted a room to live in the skyscraper and free living for you and your immediate family. But you must never tell anyone what is inside the room or how you got the place to live.  This man is no god, but he is the maker of this world. His judgment is final.

You sit there and watch him judge many. You try to tell them the dangers, but they can’t hear you.  You used to have control, but no more.





You sit there and watch as your game of Sims is now on autopilot.

John MaCrakin

John MaCrakin is a detective in NYC. Now that’s not his family current name, that would be Macervo. MaCrakin is their old colony family name, and John was one for a good classic. He was never really good at most things in his life, and to keep him from tarnishing the family name and to stop him from mooching they made him a NYC detective. Now the Macervo family has a long line of being in charge in NY, being the face that runs it. 

John is not a good detective, he’s not even a decent one. He usually gets in people’s way. He couldn’t even be trusted to carry a gun, so he makes do with his trusty Nerf Pistol. What John does love though is a good joke; more specific a good pun. That’s why his dog’s name is Lickin MaCrakin. An old English Mastiff that just looks like it doesn’t give a shit on what people think anymore, but he loves John. Every once in awhile Lickin will poop on either important evidence or on someone’s belonging and John will look at the person and say, ” I think he did it on paw-pose.” 

John’s main desk is in the basement of the Police Station, right next to the water heater, but he is always sitting at the Chief’s desk because of the metal ball bearing figure on it. After the cops figured out the reason he sat there they would move it to another desk to annoy anyone who messed up on a case or made a supervisor made; because garuntee John will sit there and play with it.

He always argues with a certain cop about his name. That cop’s name is Cecil.