The Dark Divine

He was only a young child when he found out about his magic. He would read books and attempt to memorize spells to show off to his twin sister. One day he found a book that he read as being able to make a friend to play with. So he prepares the Ritual for over a month, slowly adding to it to gain more power. Then when it is finished he brings in his sister to show her their new friend. He casts the spell and out of a portal of black infinite steps what looks like a divine angel. Who takes the boys magic and moved it into his sister, then strikes the boy down. The being looks at the fear streaked across the girls face and says, I have given you what you have wished for in your heart, magic. But in exchange I took your brothers life. Equal exchange for power, you can never just take. If you wish to take your anger out on me and my kind, get stronger and come to the divine plane where we angels reside. He then walks into the portal disappearing, and re-emerging from it in hell. The demon smiled a twisted grin as he now had his weapon to fight the light side.


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