In an alternate timeline at this very moment, there lives a world that had advances generations in technology in only a few years. Every person is now installed with hardware and implants to make life easier and to bring the world closer together. A certain program was released last year and it was called Techno-Warrior. This program was in a sense a game; you had the ability to create an avatar and choose a style to fight in and a dew other abilities as well. To raise your level you have to fight other Avatars and win. This had become so integrated into the world that it became the main, if not the only, way to win argument, get a good deal in business or the world, and it was the new marker to a social status. The main character Valarie is a 20-something ‘Pro Techno-Warrior’. She goes to tournaments and lives off the winnings with her wife Kyoki. She has become so prominent in the Arena that she is even called to assist with a few government issues. One day she wakes up to find her account has been hacked, deleted, and ripped from the net. She now is on suspension from her Government jobs and any other jobs she had in her city until she is able to make a new Avatar and go back to her prior rankings. Will she make it in time before money becomes strapped? Or will she need to find a new line of work?


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