In the future where technology is so integrated into human life that it is built into every person, there is a man in a lone skyscraper in the center of the world’s most prominent city. The front floor to his building is always open and there are signs for curious goers to go to the top floor for a test and a prize to the winner. Many go of course, they believe the prize to be theirs because obviously they deserve it. He greets each person with respect and hospitality and guides them past the past behind him into a room. This room is bare except for a single pedestal; and on this pedestal is a sign that states that if you push this button you will gain enough wealth to last for the rest of your life, but someone one the planet will die. What no one but the man knows is that the button kills the one who presses it. He does this test to see who in Humanity is worthy of living in the world. This test cuts out the greed and rewards the ethical. If you go into this room and do not press the button, you are granted a room to live in the skyscraper and free living for you and your immediate family. But you must never tell anyone what is inside the room or how you got the place to live.  This man is no god, but he is the maker of this world. His judgment is final.

You sit there and watch him judge many. You try to tell them the dangers, but they can’t hear you.  You used to have control, but no more.





You sit there and watch as your game of Sims is now on autopilot.


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