John MaCrakin

John MaCrakin is a detective in NYC. Now that’s not his family current name, that would be Macervo. MaCrakin is their old colony family name, and John was one for a good classic. He was never really good at most things in his life, and to keep him from tarnishing the family name and to stop him from mooching they made him a NYC detective. Now the Macervo family has a long line of being in charge in NY, being the face that runs it. 

John is not a good detective, he’s not even a decent one. He usually gets in people’s way. He couldn’t even be trusted to carry a gun, so he makes do with his trusty Nerf Pistol. What John does love though is a good joke; more specific a good pun. That’s why his dog’s name is Lickin MaCrakin. An old English Mastiff that just looks like it doesn’t give a shit on what people think anymore, but he loves John. Every once in awhile Lickin will poop on either important evidence or on someone’s belonging and John will look at the person and say, ” I think he did it on paw-pose.” 

John’s main desk is in the basement of the Police Station, right next to the water heater, but he is always sitting at the Chief’s desk because of the metal ball bearing figure on it. After the cops figured out the reason he sat there they would move it to another desk to annoy anyone who messed up on a case or made a supervisor made; because garuntee John will sit there and play with it.

He always argues with a certain cop about his name. That cop’s name is Cecil. 


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