The Lost Fool

Would you believe me if I told you that a world mirrored ours and that world was full of magic and wonder? No? Well you would be wrong, because such a place DID esxist; however that world is now dry and dead. Magic and wonder died with the world, and now there is the ‘normal’ plane of existence that is left alone. A lone hermit used the last of their magic to shift to the new world before it was consumed. The hermit now magicless finds ways in this world to create wonder. They wish to be able to make their world be reborn again.

Noble cause yes? At first glance indeed, but what if I also told you that the hermit wanted to rebuild their world to rule it as a tyrant. And since the hermit had no way to gather resources here they joined with the government. They promised the government a world of untapped resources if they could help the hermit in their plan.



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