Medical Magi

​A long bloodline family who is one of the top 3 families in the magical world getting ready to give birth to their perfect prodigal child. The child is born, they’re ecstatic. And when the child turns 7 they take their placement test to see their arcane ability. The results come back with a whopping 0%. Like this shouldn’t ever happen. So in shame they send their kid to the ‘normal’ world side to live a basic life. Well, the kid knows about magic and shit already, so he tries for years to produce something in the normal world. Then learning of “alchemy” and science he goes to herbalist classes and med school. Just to prove his family wrong. After years of his life out into this thing he learns is medicine, he becomes one of the world’s highest known doctors. His fruition of all his work is that he creates a concoction that actually cures all illnesses, and if taken too much, can halt aging all together. This exilir of life could only have been made by herbs and science, yet now the magic world wants what he made.


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