The Raging River

In Drow society the women are the priestesses and the ones in charge, while the men do all the grunt work and the arcane magic. River’s house was no different and she, being the only daughter, was being pruned into a faithful follower of Loth. Growing up she never like the ideas of Loth, the subtle backstabbing, the poison, through chaos comes opportunity. River was a bit more forward in her thoughts and believed that sneaky tactics to get what you want is silly and never useful. If she wanted something she would crush who had it and take it. This brought her attention to a certain God, Bane. Bane’s domains were Tyranny, Destruction, and Death; all things River could get behind and did so vehemently. One day while there was only one of her brothers guarding her she grabbed his sword and pierced it straight through his gullet to the hilt. Sliding it out, covered in blood, she felt a love for death that had never been felt before. In a frenzy fueled lust she roared out in a sound that could only be described if heard as a howl from a mad beast. Running from her room into the main house she slashed and slaughtered any who even dare look at her; as she made her way into the city and out into the vast Underdark. Pledging herself to Bane she vowed to destroy the world below before conquering the world above.


This is the first step she took to becoming a conqueror not of lands, but of lives.


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