A Gift from the Heavens

Back when the races of the world were first born there was a clan of Dwarves that did not pray to the Earthen God Torbyuk. They believe themselves to be granted life from the sky instead of molded from the earth they walk upon; so for five centuries they pray and give offering in unwavering faith to the Sky God Gazreel. Seeing the devotion of these Dwarves Gazreel deemed fit to reward them for their faith in him. He lifted their mountain into the clouds high above the land, teaching them how to stay aloft in the air. With their arcane teachings now mixing in celestial magic they were able to stay in the sky for as long as they deemed fit; but as Dwarves go they had a love for mining but with no earthen ore to craft with they set out on a venture to scour the clouds for anything to hone their skill. Seeing their unspoken wish to craft Gazreel plucked stone from the Heaven’s Realm and hurled them to the cloud city. Upon inspecting the divine stone the Dwarves then took them into their forges and workshops and began fine tuning to this new ore they were gifted to make armor, weapons, tools, or anything they wished. Now, every 200 years, the Sky Dwarves craft a wagon full of items from the celestial ore and they hurl them to the surface dwellers as a thank you to Gazreel and to show the rest of the world that through faith, anything can be achieved. Their items are legendary and put into the history books as hero makers and world changers, for since they were created with such love for their Deity that no evil could ever wield their tools for wrong. The Sky Dwarves make the Heaven’s Tools, and the Heaven’s Tools make the heroes on the surface.


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