No Hero

Most heroes love the adoration of the masses, the fortune for killing the one big bad guy, or even for a battlefield death. Not I. I am no hero. I skulk in the shadows of the world and I prune the evil that tries to become overrun. I guard the the cities, mountains, forests,…… I guard it all against the tide of darkness. I am no hero seeking glory. I am no leader seeking followers. I am a Ranger of the world; a levee to the darkness. What gets past me the heroes have a go at, but I am no hero. I am the world’s first defense against the corruption. I will die a nameless grave. I crave no glory or riches. I do what I must for a simple reason; there aren’t enough heroes in the world to truly stop the creeping madness, so me and my kin will. We are the Rangers. And we will never stop.


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