A Hero of Justice and Honor

Gregor Silverstar

Lvl. 7 Monk / Lvl. 7 Paladin

Goliath (Acolyte)

  • STR [20] (+5)
  • DEX [15] (+3)
  • CON [16] (+3)
  • INT [13] (+1)
  • WIS [13] (+1)
  • CHA [14] (+2)

HP ( 116)                     AC (19)

Armor: Plate

Weapons: Fists

Paladin Fighting Style: Defense

Paladin Oath: Devotion

Monk Tradition: Way of the Open Hand


The normal Goliath herd is nomadic and very tightly woven together, and this is no different than Gregor’s herd. Known as the Wandering Scar. Unfortunately in his case he was born a runt of the herd and following tradition he was cast out and left to perish in the wild for the carrion. A travelling group of followers of Bahamut the Platinum Dragon happened upon the dying child, and took them back to the temple for nurturing. Growing up he found it hard to hold in his Goliath tendencies and ended up in quite the fist fight from time to time. Upon reaching the young age of 5 the Head Priest of Bahamut, Karlain Lethayan, sent him out to a neighboring city who housed a bit of a modern monastery; they took in anyone and gave them meaning and discipline. The time with the monks eased his anger and focused his strength towards helping others and sharpening his discipline. Fifteen years he spent with the monks, and on his twentieth birthday he walked out a honed, calm, and caring person. Upon returning back to the Temple of Bahamut he was greeted by Karlain holding out to him his robes to begin his path of righteousness. The training of becoming a Paladin wasn’t as hard as the monk meditating he had to endure, but it still posed a challenge to him at times when he went to weapon training. Now, at the ripe age of 35 he was brought to the Head Priest to begin his ceremony of being accepted into the Order. Karlain gave him his new name of Gregor Silverstar of the Order of Devotion. Given his new armor to reflect his station, he kindly declined the two-handed great sword stating, “If I come upon evil in the land or happen near an injustice, I shall pound out the wrong with the fists I have trained for Bahamut. His shining glory shall be known throughout the land, and I the bringer of it.”


One thought on “A Hero of Justice and Honor

  1. This character has a very interesting life even before becoming an adventurer. I would love to read some short stories of his time hunting evil.


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